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Maryland Business Lawyers: Licensing Agreements

Licensing Agreements Maryland Business Lawyers and Maryland Litigation Attorneys By Maryland Business Lawyer, Nicholas D. Cowie   Licensing agreements are legally binding contracts utilized by businesses (“licensors”) to protect their inventions and ideas while sharing them with others (licensees) for profit. Licensing agreement are used to distribute, merchandise, franchise and […]

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MARYLAND BUSINESS LITIGATION ATTORNEYS AND LAWYERS – Business Agreements Maryland Attorneys Use to Protect Companies from Unfair Competition

Legal Agreements that can Protect Maryland Businesses from Unfair Competition:   Non-solicitation, Non-disclosure, Confidentiality and Non-competition Agreements Maryland Business Litigation Attorneys and Lawyers can assist Companies in the Contractual Protection of their Proprietary Information and other Business Assets through Written Agreements with Clients, Business Partners, Subcontractors and Employees. When transacting business, companies […]

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MARYLAND BUSINESS LITIGATION ATTORNEYS – Misappropriation of Trade Secrets and other Unlawful Commercial Practices

UNFAIR TRADE PRACTICES & BUSINESS LITIGATION IN MARYLAND Misappropriation of Trade Secrets and Proprietary Business Information and other Unlawful Business Practices that can lead to Litigation. Maryland business lawyers and commercial litigation attorneys are often called upon to resolve business disputes involving products, software, technology, business techniques, client accounts and other business […]